Envirosense Homes becomes Energy Star Partner

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Envirosense Homes becomes Energy Star Partner

Envirosense Homes of Lewes has become an Energy Star Partner and has completed its’ first certified Energy Star home. The home is also certified to meet the
“Green” Building Guidelines of the National Association of Home Builders. “You would expect a “Green” home to be energy efficient and this one will use about a third less energy for heating and cooling than a typical new home”, said David Stevenson, President of Envirosense Homes. Energy efficiency is just one of eight categories and over fifty specific items needed to meet the guidelines and to be truly environmentally friendly. “Instead of tearing up another farm field, we built on an existing in town lot and sited the house so we wouldn’t have to cut down any of the many mature trees”, Stevenson said. The home also uses energy efficient lighting, “Energy Star” appliances, plus a super efficient tankless hot water heater. Water and se wer bills will also be reduced by the water saving washer, dishwasher, and plumbing fixtures. “To meet the standards, we also had to pay attention to in-door air quality and the over all environmental impact of the home”, Stevenson said. Going “Green” added about 3% to  the cost of the home but lower utility bills will pay this back in about six years. “We custom designed an attractive, one story cottage with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, an open floor plan and lots of storage”, said Stevenson. The design uses space well and took advantage of lumber dimensions to cut construction waste to half when compared to a typical new home of this size. “You don’t have to compromise good
design to go ‘Green’”, said Stevenson. The house also has wide doorways with levered handles to accommodate wheelchairs and hands that would have difficulty with traditional doorknobs. The one level design and front porch ramp will allow people to remain in the home as they age. Envirosense Homes is a Division of OneCall Services, Inc. of Lewes, DE and can be found on the web at or call 877-645-9008. For more information about “Green” Building Guidelines go to

Photo captions
1) Dave Stevenson installing Energy Star label to new home
2) New Energy Star Home at 19 E. Clark St., Milford, DE




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