Lewes Businesses Help Ciferni's After Home Fire

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Lewes Businesses Help Ciferni’s After Home Fire 

Al Dorman and Dave Stevenson share more than a driveway. They share a belief in helping your neighbors. Dorman’s New Kitchen/Counter Tops& Colors counter top production facility and Stevenson’s OneCall Services, Inc. remodeling office share a driveway on Route 9 near Five Points. It was only natural they would help out when they heard about Tony and Sissy Ciferni’s fire that destroyed their Kitts Hummock home. As if the fire wasn’t enough, they discovered their home owners insurance deposit was never used to obtain a policy. They would have to re-build at their expense. New Kitchens supplied cabinets and OneCall supplied doors, windows, lumber, siding, and money. “A lot of people have donated time and materials to help re-build their house” said Stevenson, “but they still need cash for part of the project and for temporary living expenses.” Donations are being accepted at the “Ciferni Fund”, 2433 Kitts Hummock Rd., Dover, DE 19901 The companies regularly recycle cabinets, appliances and building materials in their Belltown neighborhood and through Habitat for Humanity. Stevenson donated $1000 earlier this year for bicycle lights for foreign students who come to work at the beach each summer to help prevent highway accidents.Capture4.PNG

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