Q. When I'm not there, how do you keep my house safe?

A. Many of our customers provide us with keys to access their homes during a project. Those keys are either kept at our office, used only by the individual performing the work, or kept in a key lock box at the job site. We keep site safety very seriously and only work with people we trust.

Q. Can I be here during construction?

A. Yes, in many projects a homeowner can be there. Its important to keep in mind that the larger the project, the more your home life will be interrupted. Large sections of your home may need to be closed off and furniture may have to be moved, creating cluttered areas that you aren't used to. We stay on a job until its finished though, so we keep it this way for the shortest time possible.

Q. What kind of supervision is there during my project?

A. There are a number of "layers" of supervision. We have a full time production supervisor who oversees all projects, but he cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, each job has a lead carpenter to manage the site. Small repair projects are typically handled by handymen who are set up to manage themselves. Often, the individual estimating the job is also involved in supervision in order to ensure that the customer's requests are being met.

Q. How do you keep the site clean?

A. Since every site is different, many projects require individual plans for keeping the site clean. We use dropcloths on floors and furniture. In many cases we remove all furniture in a room. We use plastic on doorways to keep dust out of rooms we aren't working in. We also use the "Zip Wall" system, which allows us to move workers and materials in and out of rooms while containing dust in work area. Please be sure to highlight any special needs or concerns before the work is performed.

Q. Will you do small jobs?

A. Yes, we have a handyman division that can take care of small repairs. We can change your light bulbs or build you a new house, and anything in between.

Q. Do you give estimates for leak repairs? Do you warranty leak repairs?

A. Due to the nature of leak repairs, we cannot give estimates. The source of most leaks and extent of damages caused by leaks are usually concealed. Therefore, we perform the work on a time and material basis, which includes troubleshooting the problem. We generally don't warranty leak repairs. We often find that a leak has multiple causes, which may require multiple efforts to fix. We are very experienced at finding and repairing leaks, and our goal is always to fix it so it does not return.

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